Basic Narrative of Ready 5

Ready 5 builds competency in people and families preparing for an uncertain future. Through training, education, and hands-on practicals, our instructors guide students through embodying skills in 11 different domains that enable people to thrive in any type of environment. These domains are:

Physical Protection

Food and Water


Practical Fitness

Medicine and First Aid

Enduring Mindset


Situation Awareness and Anticipation

Planning and Contingency Operations

Tools, Equipment and their Usage


“Don’t we already do that?”, you may ask. Sure, some better than others, but we are also doing that in a peaceful, non-threatening, and supporting environment (as of today). What we do know is that the peace, abundance and freedoms that we had in the past may not always be there in the future. The history of humans teach us that periods like this do not last forever. Riots, food shortages, crime, economic distress, unemployment, earthquakes, hurricanes and more threaten our way of life every day. The threats are real and can be read about in any newspaper today.

If you accept this knowledge it leaves us with a challenge of what to do about it. We can worry about it and not do anything, work haphazardly to address the concerns, or follow a well-designed program to systematically prepare for any eventualities at a speed appropriate to your situation. Ready 5 is this option!

Designed with input with federal, state and local authorities, we’ve taken the strategic approach to helping people take care of these domains no matter what happens in the future. We won’t fixate on worst-case scenarios, but instead will focus on enabling skills that will help people and families thrive even in those scenarios.

The ready 5 program takes students through 5 levels of knowledge and action. Through a mixture of classes, training, practicals in each of the domains, we move beginners through to what we call highly proficient levels of action. The knowledge is liberating once you begin to embody these skills. Nobody sane ever wants these bad things to happen, but knowing how to act, and having practiced those skills will build a confidence for you and your family no matter what happens!


2 thoughts on “Basic Narrative of Ready 5

  1. I really like all the domains that will be learned at the Ready5 courses. It seems San Diego has a new place for all kinds of things from Firearms Training to Practical Self Defense to Communications. Sounds like a ton of fun.

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