Physical Fitness in a Crisis

Why do you workout?

Why don’t you workout?

These two questions should really bug the crap out of you.  Why? Because most people who don’t ask them and answer them honestly spend time, energy, money and lost opportunities doing what may not be what they are really after.

Let’s start with the first question.

If you work out to lose weight and look good, great!  That means you are in the market for someone of the opposite sex.  That is, in fact, one of our most basic drives as humans. We are all attracted to sexy bodies and working out to lose weight to build muscle does that for us. I have no beef with this.

If you workout to stay “healthy”, what does that mean.  Let me guess. No injuries, strong heart, no excess weight, and to keep your energy level high. What are your goals then?  How do you orient around them?  Do you attain your goals? Consistently?  My experience here is that most people fail at this when this is their goal. Why?  Because it really isn’t a defined and realistic goal.

Now, consider a new goal.  Consider that a crisis is coming, that you may need to fight for your life, or your kid’s life.  Tell yourself that it IS going to happen, and the only thing to keep you or your kids/wife/husband alive is your ability to do something.  Like drag them from a burning car. Carry them to the hospital.  Run from gunfire. Carry 5 gallons of water from the lake (40 lbs). Pull your kids out of the ruble of a collapsed building.

If you really imagined these things, does it really motivate you to work out?  It does for me!  I know I have three lives that depend of my actions right now. In a crisis, I had better have the strength, endurance, flexibility, and mindset to help them. With that motivation, I practice the workouts that most simulate these actions and build up my capability. Crossfit comes to mind, but there are other options too. Here’s a link to another blog on the topic.

If you don’t workout.  How can anyone rely on you?


Water-The Number One Threat to Life Here in San Diego

Do you agree with this title?  If so, how much do you know about where you get your water?  How much trust do you put in our local and federal government to provide you with drinking water that doesn’t harm you?  Did you know that there are nominally 10 MILLION deaths per year (worldwide) due to unsatisfactory drinking water? (I just read that today)

Where do we get our drinking water here in San Diego?  Can you imagine if and when it’ll ever be shut off?  I’ve spent the week preparing for one of our classes called “Water-Three Days to Live”, and it’s been an eye-opener.   We are so dependent on the import of water in SOCAL that one crisis or emergency related to transportation or water and this place will explode!  Do you know where to get drinkable water once the faucet turns off? Most people don’t.

The truth is, there is water everywhere, it’s just not drinkable, and trying to find equipment to make it drinkable will be in short supply once a crisis hits.  That’s why preparing before a crisis hits can save you and your family’s lives.  Don’t wait.  Learn how to store water, acquire water, filter water, and treat it for drinking.  Now, before a crisis hits.


What exactly is an “Economic Collapse”?

According to Wikipedia, it is:  “a devastating breakdown of a national, regional, or territorial economy. It is essentially a severe economic depression characterised by a sharp increase in bankruptcy and unemployment. A full or near-full economic collapse is often quickly followed by months, years, or even decades of economic depression, social chaos, and civil unrest.”

I was fortunate to have majored in Economics in college, primarily because I simply thought it was interesting.   I still do, as a matter of fact.  I learned back then that an economy is built upon people buying and selling, or transactions they make in order to survive and live a good life (as they see it).

As I read through the headlines, blogs, and books hitting the stores, the term “Economic Collapse” is being thrown around like everyone really knows what it is.  Can an economy really collapse?  In my understanding that would mean people would no longer be making transactions.  Maybe that could happen, especially if there is chaos and civil unrest like the definition above states.

I’m not so sure though. Even in the most war-torn places people still transact, either as barter or simple currency transactions.  Now, in my reading of the future, I do think the world is in for some really nasty economic tribulations.  Unemployment, defaults, bankruptcies, high taxes, currency devaluations, riots, crime, and maybe even touch of over-reaching governments are just some of the things I see coming up to the plate.

Ever since that first caveman decided to trade with another caveman, though, transactions, buying and selling, and economic activity has been in the best interest of those wishing to survive and continue their species.

So why would anyone continue to use a term like “Economic Collapse” when it’s more accurate to speak about what will really happen, chaos included?  (hint-it might have something to do with agendas)  The real question and issue is what would these future uncertainties mean to me and my family.  That’s why we started Ready 5!