Water-The Number One Threat to Life Here in San Diego

Do you agree with this title?  If so, how much do you know about where you get your water?  How much trust do you put in our local and federal government to provide you with drinking water that doesn’t harm you?  Did you know that there are nominally 10 MILLION deaths per year (worldwide) due to unsatisfactory drinking water? (I just read that today)

Where do we get our drinking water here in San Diego?  Can you imagine if and when it’ll ever be shut off?  I’ve spent the week preparing for one of our classes called “Water-Three Days to Live”, and it’s been an eye-opener.   We are so dependent on the import of water in SOCAL that one crisis or emergency related to transportation or water and this place will explode!  Do you know where to get drinkable water once the faucet turns off? Most people don’t.

The truth is, there is water everywhere, it’s just not drinkable, and trying to find equipment to make it drinkable will be in short supply once a crisis hits.  That’s why preparing before a crisis hits can save you and your family’s lives.  Don’t wait.  Learn how to store water, acquire water, filter water, and treat it for drinking.  Now, before a crisis hits.




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