About Ready 5 (The Program, People, and Vision)

Ready 5 is something brand new, kind of.

We hear respectable people telling us to “Get Prepared” almost daily.  We worry about the future and the long list of bad things that can happen. Many of us know what that can mean to our lives and our family.  We get books, read them, and think we are ready.  Most of us still have a nagging feeling that we really aren’t.

Ready 5 is for that person.  We designed the program to help normal people embody the skills and knowledge needed to take care of their family in times of crisis and trial. To embody means to be able to act.  Our courses are all hands-on to help you to teach your body to act.

Visit the website for the list of courses, schedules, and details about the staff (and how we are just like you).  In you live in San Diego, come visit us or call us to attend a trial class. We promise you won’t find this anywhere else.  Not like this.  The result is a more confident, ready, and prepared individual and family!



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