The Magic of Medicine

As humans we all have this innate, hardwired impulse to survive and to eschew pain. Since this is so critical to us, we search for and put great faith in the knowledge and discourse of medicine.   Since time began, this search has been a part of human existence.


Thousands of years ago medicine men were given great honor for taking care of us and making us feel better.  Even today, we have great respect for doctors, nurses and the discourse of medicine.  Some may say we take if for granted too. Maybe we do.  Have we lost a little respect for these learned and committed professionals? Probably.


What will happen though, when access to this knowledge, people, and medicine is interrupted through crisis or disaster? What will we do?  How will we take care of our ailing child, or mother, or wife?


I suspect we will gain a new respect for medical professionals then. We will also begin to learn some of these skills ourselves. The internet and the explosion of information now enable us to learn some of the skills necessary to treat many problems.  Obviously, not all of them though.  We will always need professionals.


As a domain of concern of Ready 5, “Medicine” is the ability to do what we can on our own, prepare for the time when access is diminished and to build a network to take care of our families medically. We teach others to store medicines and materials, learn CPR and First Aid, and to learn basic medical skills like suturing (class will be held on this tonight:


There will be a time when people will be suffering and cannot easily find help. It’s just a matter of time.  Learn and capture the skills, knowledge, and networks now to take care of yourself and your family.   Here are some of my favorite links to get you started…